District Offices

Six offices carry out the Forest Preserve District’s daily operations.

Executive Office

Michael Hullihan, Executive Director
Phone: (630) 933-7200

The Executive Office oversees District operations. 

  • Coordinates responses to Freedom of Information Act-related requests. Contact Jordan Countryman, FOIA Officer at (630) 933-7200 or email foia@dupageforest.org.  
  • Provides administrative support to the president and commissioners

Business Enterprises Office

Ed Stevenson, Director
Phone: (630) 933-7200 | Email: info-GLF@DuPageForest.org | DuPageGolf.com» 

  • Manages and staffs the District’s three golf preserves, including the pro shops, maintenance facilities and food and beverage services

Communications & Marketing Office

Audra Bonnet, Director
Phone: (630) 933-7200 | Email: info-CM@dupageforest.org | District News» 

The Communications & Marketing Office includes the Marketing, Fundraising and Volunteer Services departments.

  • Produces brochures, signs, videos and the quarterly The Conservationist
  • Promotes District events, responds to public email and serves as the District's media liaison 
  • Develops ways for individuals and businesses to support the District’s mission of conservation, education and recreation with tax-deductible donations
  • Manages the District's Volunteer Services programming

Community Services & Education Office

Bob Lahey, Director 
Phone: (630) 933-7200 | Email: info-CSE@dupageforest.orgEducation» 

  • Provides educational, cultural and recreational programs and opportunities
  • Oversees five education centers and programs
  • Operates St. James Farm Forest Preserve
  • Maintains DuPage forest preserves

Field Operations Office

Mike Pubentz, Director
Phone: (630) 933-7200 | Email: info-FO@dupageforest.org  

  • Maintains forest preserve grounds, buildings, vehicles and equipment
  • Enforces federal, state and county laws as well as District ordinances by sworn officers with specialized training 

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement — Field Operations Office 
Tom Wakolbinger, Chief of Police 
Phone: (630) 933-7200 | Email: police@dupageforest.org | Law Enforcement» 


Finance  — Administration & Finance Office
Jack Hogan, Director 
Phone: (630) 933-7200 | Email: info-AF@dupageforest.org | Finance» 

  • Collects revenues and satisfies debts
  • Safeguards financial assets and provides timely and accurate financial information to management, bond holders, regulating agencies and constituents

Human Resources

Human Resources — Administration & Finance Office
Janet Van Haren, Manager 
Phone: (630) 933-7200 | Email: foresthr@dupageforest.com | Human Resources» 

  • Oversees recruitment, training and compensation analysis
  • Handles employee benefit administration
  • Enforces policies and procedures
  • Oversees safety and liability programs

Resource Management & Development Office

Dan Zinnen, Director
Phone: (630) 933-7200 | Email:info-RMD@dupageforest.org

The Resource Management & Development Office includes the Natural Resources, Planning, Land Acquisition & Preservation and Environmental Services departments.  

Land Acquisition & Preservation

Land Acquisition & Preservation — Resource Management & Development Office
Kevin Stough, Manager
Phone: (630) 933-7200 | Preserving Open Spaces» 

  • Manages and maintains records related to land acquisitions and conservation-easement programs
  • Assists with administering and maintaining databases of District property-related agreements (intergovernmental agreements, easements, leases, grants, etc.)
  • Monitors developments that may affect District property by administering the public-notice review program

Natural Resources

Natural Resources — Resource Management & Development Office
Erik Neidy, Manager
Phone: (630) 933-7200 | Managing Natural Resources» 

  • Manages the District’s natural-resource preservation, restoration and conservation programs
  • Surveys, restores, enhances, manages and maintains ecological conditions to sustain plant and animal biodiversity to protect and preserve these resources


Planning — Resource Management & Development Office
Kevin Horsfall, Manager
Phone: (630) 933-7200

  • Develops master plans for District forest preserves by using resource-based design principles
  • Implements and administers capital-improvement projects involving new structures, historic preservation, recreational facilities, trails and water-resource management
  • Prepares intergovernmental agreements and manages license and easement requests
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