District Offices

Six offices carry out the Forest Preserve District’s daily operations.


Jack Hogan, Director 
Phone: (630) 933-7200 | Email: info-AF@dupageforest.org | Administration and Finance» 

  • Collects revenues and satisfies debts
  • Safeguards financial assets and provides timely and accurate financial information to management, bond holders, regulating agencies and constituents

Human Resources

Janet Van Haren, Manager 
Phone: (630) 933-7200 | Email: foresthr@dupageforest.com | Human Resources» 

  • Oversees recruitment, training and compensation analysis
  • Handles employee benefit administration
  • Enforces policies and procedures
  • Oversees safety and liability programs  

Information Technology

  • Oversees computer, network and data-communications equipment and support

Executive Office

The Executive Office oversees all District operations.

Executive Director, Vacant
Phone: (630) 933-7200

  • Coordinates responses to Freedom of Information Act-related requests. Contact Linda Klett, FOIA Officer at (630) 933-7200 or email foia@dupageforest.org 
  • Provides administrative support to the president and commissioners

Communications and Marketing Office

The Marketing and Communications Office includes the Marketing, Fundraising, Visitor Services and Volunteer Services departments.

Susan Olafson, Director of Communications and Marketing
Phone: (630) 933-7200 | Email: info-CM@dupageforest.org | District News» 

  • Produces brochures, signs, videos and the quarterly The Conservationist
  • Promotes District events, responds to public email and serves as the District's media liaison 
  • Develops ways for individuals and businesses to support the District’s mission of conservation, education and recreation with tax-deductible donations
  • Manages the District's Volunteer Services programming
  • Administers permits and addresses visitor inquiries 

Resource Management and Development Office

The Resource Management and Development Office includes the Natural Resources, Planning, Land Acquisition and Preservation and Environmental Services departments. 

Bob Vick, Acting Director
Phone: (630) 933-7200 | Email: info-RMD@dupageforest.org  

Natural Resources

Erik Neidy, Manager 
Phone: (630) 933-7200 | Managing Natural Resources» 

  • Manages the District’s natural-resource preservation, restoration and conservation programs
  • Surveys, restores, enhances, manages and maintains ecological conditions to sustain plant and animal biodiversity to protect and preserve these resources


Andrea Hoyt, Manager
Phone: (630) 933-7200  

  • Develops master plans for District forest preserves by using resource-based design principles
  • Implements and administers capital-improvement projects involving new structures, historic preservations, recreational facilities, trails and water-resource management
  • Prepares intergovernmental agreements and manages license and easement requests 

Environmental Services

Dan Zinnen, Manager 
Phone: (630) 933-7200 | Environmental Services» 

  • Oversees monitoring, maintenance, and operation of environmental control systems at eight retired District-owned landfill sites, one former land-farming site and two gas-to-energy plants
  • Provides environmental remediation support to other offices

Land Acquisition and Preservation

Kevin Stough, Manager 
Phone: (630) 933-7200 | Preserving Open Spaces» 

  • Manages and maintains records related to land acquisitions and conservation-easement programs
  • Assists with administering and maintaining databases of District property-related agreements (intergovernmental agreements, easements, leases, grants, etc.)
  • Monitors developments that may affect District property by administering the public-notice review program  

Business Enterprises Office

Ed Stevenson, Director
Phone: (630) 933-7200 | Email: info-GLF@DuPageForest.org | DuPageGolf.com» 

  • Manages and staffs the District’s three golf preserves, including the pro shops, maintenance facilities and food and beverage services

Community Services and Education Office

Bob Vick, Acting Director 
Phone: (630) 933-7200 | Email: info-CSE@dupageforest.orgEducation» 

  • Provides educational, cultural and recreational programs and opportunities
  • Oversees five education centers and programs
  • Operates St. James Farm Forest Preserve
  • Maintains DuPage forest preserves

Field Operations Office

Mike Palazzetti, Acting Director
Phone: (630) 933-7200 | Email: info-FO@dupageforest.org  

  • Maintains forest preserve grounds, buildings, vehicles and equipment 

Law Enforcement

Tom Wakolbinger, Director 
Phone: (630) 933-7200 | Email: police@dupageforest.org | Law Enforcement» 

  • Enforces federal, state and county laws as well as District ordinances via sworn officers with specialized District-relevant training
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